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Some Random Thoughts

- It seems incredible that we're now in the final 24 hours of a Bush presidency.

- Saw over the weekend the new BBC detective series, Wallander, starring Kenneth Branagh. For those not in the know (and I wasn't before I saw this,) Wallander is the most popular detective in Sweden, and the BBC has imported him in an effort to replace its now retired Inspector Morse series. I thought it was quite good, riding mainly on the performance of Branagh, but also featuring some clever plotting and production techniques. Recommended. It does seem a bit strange that Branagh is now doing episodic television, but hey I'll take what Branagh I can get.

- I wrote a story in 1997 called "The Prince of the Moon." I never could get the ending right, so its been languishing in a drawer since. While driving around last week, out of the blue, it suddenly occurred to me what I'd been doing wrong on the story, and how it could be made to work. I haven't thought of this tale in years, so the answer completely surprised me. Now I have to find the manuscript again and see if its worth salvaging.

- Man, I want an iPhone.

- I did not predict who the final Cylon was. I had suspected that character back in the beginning of season 3, but ruled [gender deleted] out when [gender deleted] was [status deleted.] A clever ploy by the writers of BSG. Opens up a host of possibilities. For the record I thought it was Tom Zerrick.

- I'm running out of room in our driveway to put snow. More is forecast for Friday.

- Coraline is now four months, 1 week. She attended Anne Pelz' Battlestar premiere get-together with us. Baby's first Battlestar! Tanya was completely lost.




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